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Julia Govor – Soundwall Podcast 294

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    Fri Feb 05 2016

This week saw the release of the first full-length DJ mix from my favourite DJ, Ricardo Villalobos, for some time, with a set from Time Warp in New York.

Yet it is a mix for Soundwall by a DJ based in New York that I am choosing to feature this week, as DJ Mix Of The Week.

Julia Govor is her name, born in Russia and used to be a military band performer which straight away perks the ears up.

The mix is in that dark area between tech-house and techno – it starts pensively though a few tracks in soon grabs your attention with DJ Koze’s sinful remix of “There’ll Be Singing” – a track with a growling, wobbly bassline.

It continues moody, yet groovy, occasionally scraping you along the floor, before heading into hypnotic, almost Romanian territory as the mix bottoms out.

For the second half, Julia gradually takes it towards trippy techno territory – through the territory of a warm-up DJ who is finding her feet, slotting into what seems almost a starting position for her career to come.

You’ll be hearing about Julia Govor again.

Soundwall Podcast #294: Julia Govor by Soundwall Mag on Mixcloud