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Joe – Crack Magazine Mix 2019

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    Fri Feb 28 2020

Joe is a DJ and producer that I have been vaguely aware of through his productions for Hessle Audio – though not someone I have experienced as a DJ, knowingly anyway.

The mix starts perfect for a Monday morning commute, pleasingly languid, without a particular musical style – part creepy, part disco, part rnb.

It is a bit of an adventure through semi-disco and offbeat drum tracks, only for 53 minutes and it doesn’t quite strike you until the end how enjoyable it is.

Except for the rumbling bass monster at 41 minutes. Whoa. Had some serious Monday morning tube rewind session going on this week. All pleasingly slow music too.

Enjoyment rating of 7.36.

Oh, and you know what? He answers requests for track IDs.