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Jeremy Underground – Essential Mix 2018

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    Fri Mar 06 2020
Jeremy Underground

I had no intention of listing this. I listened to it back in 2018 and I found it a pleasing mix but it didn’t really take me – my preferred style is minimal, and I quite like dark, bassy sounds, so this fluffy, funky house mix just didn’t land on me.

Yet somehow it ended up on my playlist again recently, having forgotten that I’d already listened to it and dismissed it as “nice”.

This mix starts funky from the off. Right up – no dilly-dallying, straight into funk. After around 20 minutes it settles into good-times house music for a while, but doesn’t stay like that – funk, disco, soul, even acid are squeezed in through some joyous crossfader action and before you know it you are singing, “6 O’Clock in the morning, I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go”.

And don’t tell me you sat still when it broke into “Jesus on my mind”.

It isn’t just happy vibes either, it does get rather dark with tracks by Pleasure Zone and Mr G.

The last 50 minutes or so of the mix is perhaps broadly less interesting, settled more into a way of being. This doesn’t proclude it from having highlights, especially the glorious “You’re Someone Special” from Nightwind…a new track to my ears.

Enjoyment rating of 7.55.