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Jay Bliss @ Vade Mecum Showcase, Romania 13/01/2018

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    Fri May 25 2018
Jay Bliss

Despite the name, Jay Bliss is yet another Romanian minimal DJ, and very slowly becoming more prominent in the minimal scene – quite an understated DJ in a very understated scene. He just seems to be doing his thing – but it is time to take a bit more notice of him.

This mix is only an hour long, though it is well-constructed – starting with gentle, relaxed minimal vibes. Some nice melodies going on, particularly from a Youandewan track earlyish, it slowly progresses into something more of a house feel – but remains perfect Monday morning commute listen.

I particularly love the track at 29 minutes – pretty sure I’ll never work out what it is.

Enjoyment rating of 7.42.

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