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Jamie Tiller & Raphaël Top-Secret – Boiler Room x Dekmantel Festival 2018

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    Sat Jun 05 2021

So I have been enjoying life too much to post recently – if I have any readers then I hope you have too. But I have a list of mixes to recommend, starting with this Boiler Room mix from Jamie Tiller & Raphaël Top-Secret.

Ahhh Boiler Room – I miss pretending that I was one day going to be brave enough to apply to be in the crowd at a Boiler Room show. And I missed having live Boiler Room videos of people dancing – sure the back catalogue has some classics (and a ton of stuff of absolutely no interest to me) and this is one of the treasures that I found a little while back.

Mixed by two lesser-known DJs, well I’ve featured Raphaël Top-Secret before, but never even heard of Jamie Tiller until I watched this video – he’s from London too, which is where I’m based so maybe I’ll get to see him play at some point.

Anyway, mixed by two lesser-known DJs, which is how I like it – this mix is an hour of funky summer grooves, a funk and disco feel to it without actually being disco per se, along with some house music at times – notably the glorious When You Love Someone by Daphne.

It does quite easily flick between similar genres, never really grasping one too long though almost always staying under the feel of funky summer grooves.

Enjoyment rating of 7.04.