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ItaloJohnson – The Lab NYC

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    Sat Feb 13 2021

I’m a pretty big fan of the shadowy ItaloJohnson, this isn’t the first time that I’ve featured them and I’m perhaps an even bigger fan of their productions.

3 guys making and playing music for dancefloors, which as I write seems a pretty foreign concept, but who doesn’t like an occasional dance around their room? Beats a Joe Wicks exercise video, for sure.

This starts off with intent, as you’d expect from ItaloJohnson, hoovering into Phantom Space by Hooverian Blur, who’s futuristic techno beats I’m a huge fan of.

It does go rather techno without sending you into a tailspin, and for me peaks with 12A1 by ItaloJohnson themselves. More in the way of house music in the latter half but all with intent and oomph.

The mix also includes tracks by the likes of Dustin Zahn, Truncate and Nina Kraviz. So you know it isn’t messing around.

Enjoyment rating of 7.60. This really is a fine mix with some great music.