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I-F @ Dekmantel Selectors 2018

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    Fri Jul 12 2019

Start a mix in electro heaven by mixing Egyptian Lover’s Girls with Phuture’s dark, cocaine-bashing Your Only Friend, and you have my attention.

I-F is a Dutch DJ who has been around since the 1990’s – yet I have only discovered him just recently. Maybe that is the case for you too?

Having been around so long, he clearly knows his music and this very much comes across in this electro and disco mix – with a slice of Italo too, and some inventive mixing at times.

There is a ton of classic tracks on there, be it from Patrick Cowley, Afrika Bambaataa, Sparks or I-F himself – this is a serious yet absolutely fun mix. Oh and a touch of Abba too. It works. Trust me.

The sound quality of the recording isn’t the best that you’ll hear, and the mix does get rather heavy for a good 10-15 minutes…but give it chance to come out of the wringer and you’ll be back in electro and disco heaven.

Enjoyment rating of 8.06 out of 10. This should definitely get you in the mood for a dance.