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Hessle Audio with Ben UFO, Pearson Sound and Call Super – 23rd November 2017

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    Fri Mar 09 2018

This is a radio show, though with fairly minimal talk-over.

Somewhat experimental beats, though firmly focused on the 4/4 field that we all love so much – well if you are reading this and don’t like house and techno then I think you are lost.

The first half has the more experimental music, with variously structured tracks, from bass to house to electro to world music to garage-influenced tracks. But the highlight in the mix from Call Super, who takes us through house, into old-school garage which majestically triumphs into full-on techno. A wide range of genres are included in his mix, which makes it captivating listening – yet it all feels right and the energy flow is spot on.

Lots of different sounds to get your head around – so don’t be put off if there is a track you don’t like near the beginning. The end is worth it.