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Hessle Audio feat. Ben UFO 6th July 2020

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    Sat Sep 04 2021

You can rely on Ben UFO to not give you what you expect – and this show is unexpectedly housey.

Sure, it starts with some chilled dub reggae, and progresses through a bit of ambient but you quickly realise that you are fully into a house mix, with some classic sounds – Circulation – Emotions Unknown is probably my peak here, released in 1995.

The second half of the mix (and it is a mix despite also being a radio show), magically transforms away from house music yet somehow by the end you still feel like you have been listening to a house music mix.

This second half is more what you’d expect from a Hessle Audio show – unusual kind of ambient or bass music from the likes of Robert Aiki Aubery Lowe or DJ Ungel – yeah I’ve not heard of them either.

That Ben UFO can manage to meld all these genres together so coherently is why he is one of my favourite DJs – and his radio shows are the only show I listen to regularly.

Enjoyment rating of 7.91.

Rinse FM · Hessle Audio feat. Ben UFO - 06 July 2020