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Herodot @ The Lion & Lamb 16/12/2017

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    Fri Jan 17 2020
Lion & Lamb

In complete contrast to last week’s mix, this one is a sublime and occasionally groovy minimal mix from Herodot, at the characteristic Lion & Lamb pub in London.

Herodot is another one of “The Romanians” who have propelled themselves to be one of the more exciting scenes in the underground dance music world in recent years.

A producer and label owner too, though it is more for his DJ sets that I have become aware of him.

Featuring more dubby tracks interspersed with 8am sunrise moments, and occasional slightly more housey tracks, this is a mix that glides along superbly for the first hour or so – though not without surprise, Groove Chronicles’ 1999, a classic UK garage track being of curious note from a Romanian.

Then a little after an hour, he plays Your Girl by Evil Nine (an early 2000’s breaks group…yeah…breaks twas a music style that went up its own arse quicker than most) – a bassline-led monster that is just whoa.

You could argue that was a bit too much excitement for a minimal techno mix, but I like the way that Herodot steps outside the minimal techno bubble to take a few musical risks – and then steps back into it.

Enjoyment rating of 7.22.