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Herck – Mödum podcast // 003

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    Sat Jan 15 2022

Fancy another Romanian minimal recommendation? This week from Herck.

You know I like this Romanian minimal stuff and it is perfect for January days – walking in the morning before work, relaxing my ears and senses whilst working too.

Again I don’t know much about him, apparently he’s been DJing since around 2008 so it’s only taken me well over a decade to hear of him – like many of the lesser-known Romanian magicians.

The mix kind of veers between moody and charming, with a sense of becoming more floaty towards the latter stages of the hour.

I don’t recognise any of the tracks on the mix so cannot recommend anything – however Herck has plenty of productions of his own – Bellancholia is really quite the gem and is a huge, huge favourite of mine. And I actually mean it.

Enjoyment rating of 7.41.

I’ll try to find something different next week!

mödum · mödum podcast // 003 - Herck