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GEF live (Gojnea76 and Zefzeed) at Sunwaves – 29th April 2023

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    Fri Apr 26 2024

Image via Răzvan Băltărețu (Flickr) under license CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED

GEF live? What is a GEF live?

Apparently it is Gojnea76 (perhaps better known as g76) and Zefzeed – arguably two of the most outstanding producers of the ro-minimal world, and played together at Sunwaves in 2023, the outstanding festival of Romania. Always in my view, of course, but get your own blog if you disagree.

This is 90 minutes of minimal heaven. The “live” bit makes me assume that they were editing and putting together at least some of these tracks – there are some pretty stunning moments in this mix, but then there are other moments like towards the end when they play Gojnea76’s The Moment, when I then doubt my judgement – maybe it was just plain old B2B DJing, and they are playing lots of damn cool edits.

Answers on a postcard if you know…or where there.

A real highlight of the mix comes around the 35 minute mark with such a gorgeous bassline, with the acapella of Late Nite Tip by Three 6 Mafia over it – which sounds really damn cool. Can we call it hip-imal? Sorry, no we absolutely cannot.

Anyway, this is my favourite minimal/ro-minimal whatever name floats your boat mix for ages and ages.

Enjoyment rating of 8.60.

playedby · GEF Live act @ Sunwaves 30 (29.04.2023)