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Fun Fun Mix 24 – Mamacita

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    Sat Feb 12 2022

Well I told you that I’d find something different from minimal techno for the next post, and this feel-good mostly-house mix from Mamacita fits that bracket.

So who is Mamacita? Well, this mix is the first time that I’d ever heard of her – she’s a house music DJ from Chile, and did I ever mention that I like DJs from Chile? One in particular.

I digress. I’m not really sure of the introducing two tracks of the mix – they feel quite erroneous to the rest of the flow (at least to me…others will disagree), but before 10 minutes are up, we are into some blissed out house music that wouldn’t sound out of place on an Ibizan terrace.

Her mix has a direction to it, and gradually the tempo ticks up – the last third of the mix really has an energetic purpose to it with a more electro sound.

Amazingly there is actually a tracklist on the soundcloud page – very few of the artists I recognise, the wonderful David Vunk stands out – those I looked into at random were also from the same continent as Mamacita, so maybe you could take this mix from Mamacita as a sample of the house music scene in South America?

This mix won’t change your world, but if you want a good quality house mix, with good energy, by a DJ you’ve never heard of, with producers you haven’t heard of, then it is very worth an hour of your time.

Enjoyment rating of 7.02.

Fun Fun · Fun Fun Mix 24 - Mamacita - Ansiedad Mix