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Francis Inferno Orchestra @ Lost Weekend 09/04/2016

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    Fri Jun 02 2017
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This is such a lot of fun.  Dance music can be so serious at times – and I love it that way, but sometimes you just want music that wants to make you dance at your desk, and not just in a club off your head on pills.

4 hours of juxtaposing styles – lots of old tracks, plenty of funkier house, plenty of very cool 80’s electro, some stomping jacking house – one of my favourite transitions was from funky house to Plastikman’s ‘Spastik’- like how did he even consider that an open.

Sometimes the transitions don’t work – there are a handful of jarring mixes, but as an overall piece, this is a great body of work – 4 hours of festival fun, and the first mix I have ever listened to from Francis Inferno Orchestra.

He also has some great productions – check out Hezbollah.