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Francesco Del Garda – Timeless Series 1

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    Fri Oct 18 2019
Francesco Del Garda

Francesco Del Garda is a name that has been hanging around my conscious for a few years now – having listened to a couple of good mixes from him on Resident Advisor and Louche, and the odd track of his.

But the Italian DJ has never really done anything to make my head perk up until now.

This is a seriously interesting and wonderful mix – a few will no doubt find it boring as it isn’t a dancefloor mix at all, coming closer to ambient than traditional house music, but I found it worth persisting with and led to some pretty blissed out moments watching the sunset on holiday recently with this in my ears.

It glistens, it glides and keeps you intrigued – and the lack track is so lush and droopy – it makes me feel like I am a marshmellow. Yoshinori Sunahara – Bright Beat if you need the ID, like I did!

Enjoyment rating of 7.35.