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Fonte – Spaced 22

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    Sat Apr 06 2024

Copyright – James Winfield

I’m back – and back with a DJ that you may have never heard of – Fonte.

I do listen to the Spaced mixes quite often, being a resident of London where they are based – and mostly they are pleasant enough listens, but until now, never sufficient for me to think, “hey I’ll write a little post that nobody will ever read”.

However, this mix from Fonte kind of takes me back to the old 2000’s Berlin minimal days – kind of Magda-esque – not that it sounds especially like that, but there is an inventiveness to the tracks, especially in the first half, and a stripped-back feel that I find particularly pleasing.

The latter part verges more on the house side of things, though still fairly stripped-back. If you want to be perfectionist, you could argue that in the mix on a couple of occasions the levels aren’t quite there – but the beat-matching and tunes are, and most definitely I couldn’t do this well.

I cannot say that I know much, or anything about Fonte other that he resides in Berlin – so one of those DJs to keep an eye on, as he continues to build a name for himself through playing some really fine music.

Enjoyment rating of 7.18.

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