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Flørist – Truancy Podcast Volume 210

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    Fri Jul 26 2019

I’ve been following the Truancy podcasts pretty religiously now for a year or so, and they tend to have a really interesting selection of most next generation DJs – musically next generation that is.

Flørist (yes I copied and pasted the weird character) is a perfect example of this – someone that I’ve only recently heard of

The mix starts rather unconvincingly going into a Deep Dish track which is soooo tired and cheesy to my aged ears, but straight after enthuses me with one of my favourite tracks from my final few DJ sets – Lanark Artefax – Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix) – which is simply a musical masterpiece, that few understand. Final DJ sets, unless I decide at some point that I can be bothered to lick the backside of promoters, of course.

Generally the mix then drifts into the offbeat techno/post-dubstep world, which is ever so exciting at the moment.

This mix possibly won’t blow you away, but if you are looking to get a foothold in understanding the offbeat techno landscape, this is a good place to start. Enjoyment rating of 7.07.

Oh yeah, and maybe start following Truants too.