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Dorian Paic @ Timewarp, Mannheim 2019

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    Sun Jan 31 2021

Dorian Paic is someone that seems to have been around forever – a mainstay of the Frankfurt clubbing scene in the 90’s and early 2000’s – I guess he first came to my attention during my fixation with Cocoon from 2005 onwards.

Yet he was just another Cocoon DJ to me at the time. A good DJ – one with a very limited discography and one that hasn’t really stood out to me until recently.

In recent years Dorian Paic has been heading more down the minimal route – a route that has always interested me so now I’m pretty quick to check out his mixes – as you should be.

The mix starts in a smooth minimal way, though there are flourishes of house groove and even a little modern two-step from a track by Phone Traxxx – who make some fine garage ditties.

Towards the end is drifts back more minimal – which is where Dorian Paic’s style seems to drift ever more towards – and I approve.

His 2012 Timewarp mix is online also – so you can see the comparison with this smooth sound – to the more tech-house and not massively interesting sound that he had in 2012.

Enjoyment rating of 7.22.

Time Warp (official) · Dorian Paic live at Time Warp Mannheim 2019