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DJ Tripadvisor – Erratic Episode 208

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    Sat Jul 17 2021

DJ who? Exactly. Amused by the name, DJ Tripadvisor, but I cannot actually find any further information out about him.

A Google search will lead you only to find out about people who think Mahiki has the best DJ in the world or that went to fabric but complained about the smell.

So this is just a music thing.

Apparently this is a one-take vinyl mix, and the initial clashing beats on the first mix confirm this – yet almost sound if they were done on purpose to give it a jolt.

Just under an hour long, it features tracks by the likes of Gesloten Circle, Tadeo and Dj Wild, and is kind of on the edge of becoming techno without ever quite getting there, becoming really quite trippy around the 25 minute mark.

Overall this mix from DJ Tripadvisor is pretty raw and edgy, has a touch of darkness to it and is something that you can easily get into, if you want something a little tougher – but not quite TECHNO.

Enjoyment rating of 7.03.

Erratic · Erratic Podcast 208 | DJ Tripadvisor