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Dana Ruh & Julie Marghilano – XLR8R – Podcast 751

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    Fri Jul 14 2023

Dana Ruh is not a new name to me, I’ve featured her mixes twice before – but Julie Marghilano is a lesser-known quantity to me – though I am a particular fan of her track, Time In Space.

Apparently Dana Ruh & Julie Marghilano are friends, both based in Berlin, according to the blurb from XLR8R that accompanies this mix.

They both loosely fit under the kind of underground house groove, though neither are afraid of garage or breaks, as both Julie Marghilano’s track above, and this mix attest to.

It’s a bit of a slow-grower of a mix, taking slightly different twists, some funky, some acidic, some verging on garage – and all underground, but after a while it grows into a more cohesive whole.

And then – G.O.D’s Shake It Up is played…and you know you are listening to a great mix.

As you might expect from Dana Ruh, the mix goes back underground after the moment, and begins the long process of rebuilding. Plenty of tracks I don’t recognise – most of them, in fact, assumedly some tracks/edits from Dana Ruh & Julie Marghilano too.

For me, the mix again peaks towards the end but in more subtle ways…well, until it becomes rather British. This is a damn fine way to spend 2.5 hours of your listening time.

Enjoyment rating of 7.44.

XLR8R · XLR8R Podcast 751: Dana Ruh & Julie Marghilano