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Craig Richards, Kiss FM, 3rd March 2004

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    Sun Jul 26 2020

This is an interesting hour – part of a radio show on London’s Kiss FM from 2004, which includes snippets of interview where you can hear what Craig Richard’s thought of fabric and the incoming minimal techno from Germany.

I write about this almost as a piece of referential history – 2004 was the time when I switched from the likes of Tiesto and Eric Morillo, to Ricardo Villalobos, Steve Bug, Luciano and Craig Richards – though none of them were completely new to me in 2004, it was the moment when I realised there was greater joy to be found from music that didn’t provide instant joy.

This hour features music from the likes of Luciano and LoSoul – and though I wouldn’t nowadays think of Craig Richards as a minimal techno DJ, this is really quite an interesting hour to see how he was instrumental in bringing this sound to the UK, and to fabric in particular.

Enjoyment rating of 6.88.

mno6 · 2004.03.03 Craig Richards - Kiss 100 FM