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Cosmjn & Lizz @ Mioritmic – 2019

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    Fri Jun 10 2022

Well I’m back to writing about ro-minimal, with two of my favourite producers of recent years – Cosmjn & Lizz, doing a back-to-back set.

I could list you many tracks by either that I’m in love with – but to pick one from Cosmjn would be Butterfly Drop from a few years ago, and by Lizz…maybe Congo, that he produced with Mihigh – someone else I’ve written about recently.

I have Cosmjn down as the more melodic and dreamy of the two, Lizz down as the more percussive and occasionally techy of the two – so you’d like to think that Cosmjn & Lizz would be a dream pairing behind the decks. And I am writing about them.

It’s a slow start to the mix, especially considering that it was recorded at an event/festival – though perhaps it was the opening set? Anyway, by around 30 minutes, the mix is class, with a fairly druggy, chuggy, clicky feel to it.

I wouldn’t suggest that this mix from Cosmjn & Lizz is the most amazing DJ mix I’ve ever heard, but it is a really nice example of 3 hours of rolling, ro-minimal beats – veering from the light and clicky to the dark and bassy.

And though it doesn’t have much in the way of stand-out moments, it is as a whole that it impresses more, and is just so listenable. Again and again.

Enjoyment rating of 7.04.

playedby · Cosmjn B2b Lizz at Mioritmic 2019