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Clive Henry – Circo Loco Podcast 113

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    Fri Dec 25 2020

This mix by Clive Henry is quite outstanding – I’ve been saving it for a special occasion, and what can be more special than Christmas? Granted this Christmas isn’t anything special, but hey.

I first came across Clive Henry as part of Peace Division – to my ears I guess in the early 2000’s, but for those really with their ear to the ground then maybe you would have come across Peace Division tracks as early as 1997 – alas for me, I was in my trance days then.

Tracks like the wonderfully filthy Blacklight Sleaze, Club Therapy or Bounce To This were proper early 2000’s underground, dirty kinda house classics – and a big part in progressing myself, and others, away from big room sounds.

Though nowadays, you’d know Clive Henry more for being one of the originals at Circo Loco – you know, when the line-ups were proper ket-fiend friendly. Hopefully you also know him as a consistent, underground house DJ – and if not, this is the mix for you.

I did start by saying that this mix from Clive Henry is outstanding, but the beginning 20 minutes or so you’ll need a bit of patience with, as there is the odd skippy moment with the records – and the recording isn’t the highest quality ever – you will need to increase the volume. Both sound quality and volume do improve later.

For my tastes, it gets going around the 35 minute mark when it steps into clicky, groovy, minimalesque house music – the kind that I would have associated with Circo Loco back in 2005, except sounding more modern.

It flits through deeper tracks, dubby sounds and arouses into Hansup by Ricardo Villalobos on the halfway mark.

I won’t talk about the rest of the mix, but it continues in this chuggy, clicky kinda way and is just an excellent underground house music. Not perfect – but way better than I and most others can do.

Enjoyment rating of 8.68.

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