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Click Box – Clubberia Podcast 301 – 2017

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    Fri Mar 22 2019

I’ve been following Click Box pretty much since the height of Berlin-led minimal techno in the mid-2000’s.

I understood them more to be producers and a live act than DJs, their productions veering more on the techno side of minimal techno, with tracks such as Berlin Shades and Body Fall being particular favourites of mine.

The mix starts quite ambient – not strictly ambient but along those lines, slowly crawling its way to the more omni-present Romanian-style minimal techno with tracks by the likes of Sepp, Lumieux, Iuly.B, Kepler – you know, the who’s who of upcoming minimal producers, and one track from Click Box themselves. I particularly enjoyed the infectious change of mood of
Rue Aux Ours by Murphie Cooper.

The second half of the mix becomes more hypnotic and gliding – taking a twist away from the more up-front minimal of before.

This has had rather a lot of plays in my ears, becoming my go-to mix for the morning commute. Enjoyment rating of 8.01.