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Cinthie – Electronic Groove Podcast 11/04/2016

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    Fri Apr 15 2016

We’ve been looking for a really high quality house mix for some time.

This is a little beauty by the previously-unknown to us Cinthie, it starts deep and melodic with the intriguing Cert City by Hamo & Brame.

It gradually becomes more house-orientated from its deep house beginnings and by 41 minutes there is a true moment of class – id please!

The mix never loses its deepness and warmth, and finishes on a slightly haunting beauty – again another id would be very welcome indeed!

Despite this being our initial discovery of this young lady, she has been a stalwart in her Berlin home since the 1990’s. She is a vinyl-only DJ (this comes across on the mix), a resident at two important but lesser-known Berlin clubs, helps to run the Beste Modus collective, and owns and runs the fabulously-named Stasi Studios in Berlin.

So if you are looking for that heart-warming sunshine-filled house mix, please do check out this beauty from Cinthie, and don’t forget to follow her – and us, as we endeavour to discover more very special DJ mixes for you.

We love discovering new DJs – we hope you do too.