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Chris Carrier – Gangstercast 97

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    Fri Jan 12 2018

Welcome back to DJ Mix Of Whichever Week I Can Be Bothered To…I actually have a few lined up now so it will be shockingly weekly…for a few weeks.

Chris Carrier is another one of those super-reliable yet under-rated DJs, on the lines of Cinthie and Julietta – also with his own kind of signature sound.

Once you get past the bullshitty “I’m a gangster, aren’t I cool waving my pretend gun around” intro, this goes into pleasant deep house territory.

It fairly quickly settles into house territory, on an underground kind of rolling tip, but with enough hooks to get the casual listener involved. There is a funky little hip-hop influenced house track in the mix (whatever happened to hip-house…oh yeah it was shit), but just a lot of quality house tracks. And what an awesome way to finish with a remix of Planet E by The Egyptian Lover – wow.

Overall this is a very fine house mix, an excellent way to spend 90 minutes of your life. Despite a hangover and on my 10th listen, I was merrily bouncing along as I wrote this. My enjoyment rating of 7.98.

By the way, does DJ Sneak still do the Twitter trolling?