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Ceri – fabric Promo Mix

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    Fri Mar 29 2019

Ahhh fabric. But more importantly – Ceri.

Ceri is very much the London-based house DJ, having honed her talents as a resident at Corsica Studios, and now beginning to catch more attention – not quite yet worldwide, but very much so across the UK…and especially London.

This is quite a low-key house mix, always bubbling under – quite dubby to start with. The rewards don’t come quickly, but if you are a quick rewards kinda person then this ain’t the music blog for you.

Ceri’s London roots come to the fore later in the mix as it turns more to a gentle garage groove.

This is very much one of this mixes to put and wait until it puts you in the groove. A good, solid underground house mix – an enjoyment rating of 7.35.