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Cassy – Beats In Space 26th July 2016

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    Fri May 19 2017

There’s something about Cassy. She has an air of authority. Impeccable musical taste. And this kind of mystical authenticity that I struggle to put my finger on.

I’ve known of her for close to ten years now, having first seen her play at Cocoon in Ibiza, if my memory serves me correctly. She was the star of the washed out Cocoon-In-The-Park several years ago, and I have extremely fond memories of her doing a b2b with Carl Craig – an effortlessly classy set.

Yet I’ve also seen her drop some clangers – the last time I saw her, in DC10, her mixing was not quite spot on, let’s put it that way. But bloody great music.

One thing that I like about Cassy is that her selections are multi-faceted – more known for a kind of classy, yet jacking house – a posh man’s Heidi, yet also very adept at playing techno and occasionally more minimal styles.

This mix is only just over an hour yet and shows more of her techno side, peaking with a Johannes Heil classic, albeit it starts with an up for it house feel – which is the Cassy most people know.

A thoroughly enjoyable, stomping mix – which shows exactly why Cassy is such a good DJ.

Strip off, whack it on your minidisc player and go have a dance in the garden. And don’t keep it to yourself.