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Call Super B2B Objekt – Dekmantel 2022

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    Fri Apr 21 2023

Photo by Adrian Dorobantu:

I was going to write about this Call Super B2B Objekt set last Friday, to juxtapose against the previous week’s Ben UFO and Object set – but I was far too hungover for anything this fun in my ears. And fuck me, it is fun.

It’s a Boiler Room so there’s a video – and there is even a tracklisting.

And this Call Super b2b Objekt set is a party set. Generally flitting between garage-ish sounds and techno for a while – I don’t like everything they play, I don’t need to hear Flylife by Basement Jaxx again – but maybe you do?

It really steps up a level when the bassline hits from Serious Danger’s Battle Plate – a track that deserves, and gets, a rewind.

Back to things I don’t want to hear, there is a screamy indie track in there, and also The Prodigy – yawn – but as I mentioned, this is a party set and I’m not the only one listening. Just be prepared to hear some tracks you don’t like, unless you are totally open-minded.

The rewards keep flowing as well – a little bit of trance and the totally delightful Betty Ford by Alter Ego – which reminds me of dancing around my room early 2000’s when a small bottle of vodka at home was all I could afford by way of a night out. Not to mention the best reaction to a hard house track since 2002.

Enjoyment rating of 8.15 – this set is so much fun, I challenge you not to dance to it.

Boiler Room · Call Super b2b Objekt | Dekmantel 2022 | Sunday