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Cabanne – Yoyaku Instore Session 2018

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    Fri Jun 26 2020

Yes I went on a little session of listening to Yoyaku’s podcasts – which is a record shop based in Paris – not Tokyo as I initially assumed.

Last week I featured Daniel Bell’s Yoyaku Instore Session, this week I’m featuring Cabanne’s Instore Session – another mix that I’ve had on repeat in recent weeks.

It takes around 12-13 minutes to get my attention, which isn’t especially long for a 2 hour minimal mix, and I still haven’t worked out what that track is.

The mix gets a bit wonky and quirky – with tracks or remixes by the likes of Tofu Productions, Rhadoo, Doubting Thomas and Cabanne himself. If you know your minimal then you’ll know what you are getting here from the line-up alone.

Yet this mix is just wonderfully put together – the track selections are magnificent, the mixing is mostly wondrous and these two hours flow past like a dream.

For my tastes the first hour or so is the better part – close to magical at times, and this is the best minimal mix I’ve listened to for some time. Enjoyment rating of 8.33.

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