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Byron The Aquarius – Slothboogie Guest mix #346

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    Fri Feb 17 2023
Image by Mike from Pixabay

Image by Mike from Pixabay

Byron The Aquarius has been someone that I’ve been aware of for a few years, but mostly only due to having a quirky name.

I cannot say that I know much about Byron The Aquarius – he’s from Birmingham in Alabama, but based in the slightly more exotic Atlanta, and seems to be growing a fan base with fairly regular releases on record labels that you may or may not have heard of, such as Shall Not Fade and Apron Records.

He also seems to have a more worldwide appeal too, with gigs at London and Paris in his scheduled events – he also has a live band, and you may be able to tell in this mix which certainly has inflections of jazz.

Mostly though, this is an hour of deep-ish house, if I have to pigeon hole it. Well, I like pigeon-holing things so I’m going to do it.

It isn’t the most stand-up hour of your life, but it is a really rather relaxing, gentle groove through the world of deep house. A nice, gentle, enjoyable way to spend getting into the groove of life.

An enjoyment rating of 6.49.

SlothBoogie · SlothBoogie Guestmix #346 - Byron The Aquarius