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Bella Sarris @ Subversions, Verboten, NYC (Verboten Transmissions 118) 06/02/2016

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    Tue May 24 2016

This mix came into our ears after an early-morning argument and within 20 minutes we were whisked away to a gentle paradise.

Bella Sarris first came to our attention early 2014 with a fabulous mix for the Autobrennt series – one of our favourite mixes of 2014 and had this blog been in existence, would have been a certainty for a listing.

Her career has moved on quickly from humble beginnings in the Sydney scene, to being a resident for Enter in Ibiza.

However last year, her sound became more predictable (to our ears, at least) – we were wondering if she had succumbed to some kind of musical fatigue – ignoring what made her stand out, ignoring the music that made her such a fast-rising star.

Delightfully, this is a return to the Bella that enchanted us so much in 2014. Full of gentle beauty, flitting between underground and more minimal style of house, engagingly dream-worthy.

Particular highlights are the recognisable tones of 30003B by WAX, and a track around 20 minutes in which is just sublime.

This is two hours of your life that you won’t want to end. And you can just repeat it.