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Barem – Boiler Room – Buenos Aires, 2018

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    Fri Aug 07 2020

For some reason I have Barem down as a tech-house DJ in my head. Maybe this isn’t totally unfair of me, as if you check out some of his sets such as the Creamfield’s set from 2015 then it is bona fide boredom.

Yet other DJ sets are set firmly in the minimal camp, though with perhaps more energy than you might get from other minimal DJs.

Tracks by Lisière Collectif and Yuuki Hori give it the minimal edge – yet tracks by James Dexter half-way through give it the tech-house feel for a spell too.

Overall this is an hour of groovy music, based more towards minimal but with a very danceable edge. And being on Boiler Room, there is a video too.

Enjoyment rating of 7.68.

Boiler Room · Barem Boiler Room Buenos Aires DJ Set