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Barac – 5 Years Of Quality Music (MEOKO Exclusive Podcast 1/5) 27/01/2017

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    Fri May 11 2018

So I’m back after a few weeks of…being too busy/lazy to write anything. And with a charming hour-long minimal mix from Barac.

Is this really the first time I have blogged about Barac?

A curious character, and yet another Romanian – he was the one that really sparked my Romanian minimal obsession back in 2013, him and Cristi Cons. Yeah I know Rhadoo and that lot were doing this before – but to me the new cohorts such as Barac are on another level of hypnotism.

This is only an hour mix, and really you need 3 hours at a minimum of Barac. Therefore this mix quickly gets into the groove especially when Dani Casarano’s Setnup comes on.

Some nice mixing, and an overall great hypnotic feel.

If you don’t know Barac, you should.