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Ash Scholem – Left Bank Podcast 040

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    Sat Apr 29 2023
Photo by Samet Kasik:

This week’s mix is from someone I’ve never heard of prior to this mix – Ash Scholem, co-founder of Transfigured Time Records, and from Tbilisi in Georgia.

I know nothing else about him, so I guess let’s cover the mix.

Ash Scholem’s mix sounds very much like it could fit into the Hessle Audio world – and regular readers of this blog will know that I’m very much into it. Kind of loosely breakbeat and bass led – there’s a tension to quite a bit of the opening segment.

It does gain energy and veer towards techno, but never really gets there, and stays in this kind of interesting offbeat techno phase which I appreciate – yet does generally sound distinct to what you might hear on Hessle Audio.

Interestingly the mix was an opening set before Objekt, so there’s the dots connected!

It does get a bit tougher towards the end, but stays interesting.

Enjoyment rating of 6.86.

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