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Antal @ Altered Soul Experiment, Berlin 02/06/2018

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    Fri Mar 08 2019

I’m back! I’m sure all 3 of my followers have missed my droning on about various DJ sets.

And what a way to come back with a near 6 hour set from Antal – a DJ that I have only discovered recently, and if you want a smile on your face then 6 hours of Antal will be just the potion.

Firstly, the downside – the mix is quiet. Not totally missing bass or anything, though it is more prominent on the mids and highs, but you will need to turn the volume up.

Otherwise it is pretty damn brilliant, starting with the wonderful Ray Mang edit of Lock & Pop – which really is a stand-out way to start. Oh it is disco.

However to describe this is a disco set would be unfair on Antal – much of it fits under a disco groove but there is a combination of similar vibes from around the world, latin, house, soul, “world music” (I feel like such a twat calling it that) and just funky holiday kinda music.

It is infectious, it is very danceable and you should put this on and await the summer. Enjoyment rating of 8.25.