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Andrey Pushkarev b2b Roger Gerressen @ The Tribe, Nijmegen

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    Sat Aug 22 2020

6 hours of minimal. Yes, 6 whole hours thanks to this b2b from Andrey Pushkarev and Roger Gerressen.

Wow, where to start with this mix? I actually prefer the first hour myself, which is close to a masterclass in deep, dreamy minimal sounds…well the house beat on many of the tracks could suggest that it is deep house, but I’ll leave the definition to you.

This mix does get somewhat more houseier towards the middle in general, though still goes through more minimal spells and also gets quite dubby in the latter half of the mix for a while.

There is quite a tremendous amount of good quality underground music in this b2b from Andrey Pushkarev and Roger Gerressen – two DJs who I have been following individually for some years, having associated them with the ro-minimal scene, yet being from Russia and Netherlands, respectively, neither is Romanian…and neither is quite fully in the hypnotic minimal bracket anyway.

I mainly know them as DJs, but both have a couple of tracks out that I’m really into – Roger Gerressen’s Put That Record On is a fine piece of dub techno, Andrey Pushkarev’s First Snow is also a fine piece of dub techno. Either track would go down nicely in my vinyl collection.

For now, I’ll leave you to enjoy this 6 hours of dreamy and occasionally housey sound. As I mentioned, for me, the first hour to hour and a half is the best part of the mix, and the last hour loses my interest – but, you know, horses for courses. Enjoyment rating of 7.92.

THE TRIBE · Andrey Pushkarev b2b Roger Gerressen | all night long @ The Tribe, Nijmegen