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Andrew James Gustav – Moving On

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    Tue Jul 12 2016

At first, we assumed Andrew James Gustav was another eastern European but apparently he is English. Perhaps his real name is just Andrew James and the Gustav is to make him more marketable in minimal techno circles.

Living in London and DJing at nights like Art Of Dark, and clubs like Club Der Visionaere and Rex across Europe, this is a talented DJ that we have been following for a year or two now and one that you will increasingly hear of over the coming years.

This particular mix is three years old, and his first public mix, but sounds as fresh now as it likely will in 10 years.

It starts minimal – minimal minimal, but slowly ticks into its groove, via a little soulful moment too, and is fully in flow by time Just A Phase by Norken kicks in. There is a broad range of styles but all keeping within the deep, minimal flow – garage, soulful, deep and minimal vibes are all clearly part of Andrew’s musical influences.

As such the mix just take a few pleasant surprises along the way, though all keeping within the same minimal groove.