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Amelia Holt – Daisychain 161

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    Sat Nov 20 2021

I’m back, and this week featuring a DJ that you’ve probably never heard of – Amelia Holt, and her mix for Daisychain.

Well, I hadn’t heard of her anyway, Amelia Holt is based in New York and seems mostly to play in the area so I’m assuming that she’s a good local DJ that hasn’t really made it too far into the broader conscious yet.

So why should you listen to this mix?

It’s a bit different to a lot of the mixes I feature on here. Quite up-tempo and bouncy, broadly house music but with a tropical and tribal feel to it at times.

I had almost concluded that it sounded not a million miles away from a 90’s Danny Tenaglia mix – when Elements by the man himself comes in.

It does go a tad whooshy weird for a while, but I think that kind of makes the flow of this mix really quite charming, and the last 20 minutes is just gorgeous – perhaps not what you’d expect the mix to go into, but really quite an impressive way to take it.

You’ll hear from about Amelia Holt in the years to come.

Enjoyment rating of 6.96.

Daisychain · Daisychain 161 - Amelia Holt