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Alienata – XLR8R Podcast 697

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    Sat Mar 05 2022

This week’s recommended mix is a raucous, angry affair, perhaps suitable for current times and emotions, from Alienata.

Alienata is an up-and-coming DJ who for my liking isn’t getting as much exposure as she should be – not that this piddly little blog will fix any of that.

I find her music exciting. In fact, I’ve featured one of her mixes before.

The magnificent Prisonriot by Gesloten Cirkel, takes the mix from introduction to into your body, and from there it twists and growls – proper body feeling music, a mixture of EBM and slower techno sounds, at times mysterious yet at times toiling in an angry manner.

The mix takes some interesting twists later on for the last 20 minutes or so, showing her broad range of tastes, though it all still fits within the theme.

Perhaps there is one or two spots where she doesn’t get the mixing entirely spot on – but they don’t always seem the easiest of transitions, especially when trying to keep up the energy of the mix – and she’s much improved since I first heard of her.

Enjoying rating of 7.66.

Seriously – check out Alienata.

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