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Alienata – MOTZ Podcast 32

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    Sun Feb 28 2021

Alienata. I’ve been listening to her mixes for a little while now, and maybe a few years ago they were a little shaky but in a similar way as when you watch a young footballer and you can see the talent – you could hear that Alienata had something about her.

Now her DJ mixes have become more refined with quite a purpose to them (at least to my ears) and I really do think she is one to watch.

Kind of venturing towards an electro/EBM feel, this is far more than an ordinary techno mix. It’s even far from techno at the beginning – at least in terms of tempo and does the whole warming up and setting vibe thing really well.

Towards the end of the mix it does become more twisted with some acidic flourishes. Almost quite venomous – it feels like what you are really listening to this mix from Alienata for.

So if you like your techno very much EBM/electro influenced, then give this mix a try.

Enjoyment rating of 7.12.

MOTZ · MOTZ Podcast 32 - Alienata