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Adam Shelton @ Printworks 08/04/2017

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    Fri Feb 02 2018

Another ridiculously underrated house DJ. The kind of DJ that just seems to keep to himself and let his music do the talking – sounds so vomit-inducingly chiche but it is accurate.

This starts with deep house and very gradually builds up the tempo towards good quality, groovy house music – by time you get to I Won’t Stop by Sound Of The Suburbs, you are in proper groovetastic house territory.

It does get a little tougher and chunkier at times, with some electro influences thrown in, along with a few well-heard house tracks of previous years. Towards the end he plays It’s Time by Kris Wadsworth, which is a truly awesome electro-influenced monster.

If you are looking for 3 hours of solid house music to get you excited before a night out, I think this is the one.

My enjoyment rating is 8.02 out of 10.