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4AM NYC – Deep South Podcast

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    Fri May 19 2023

It’s time for some quality 90’s house music from 4AM NYC – a New York-based DJ as you might be able to guess from the name.

I don’t know much about 4AM NYC, as far as I remember it was just a mix that came up whilst on Soundcloud’s feed and it struck me when When I Feel N Love by UBQ Project came on – a classy house track from the early 90’s that I’ve not heard for ages.

As far as I can see, 4AM NYC is a New York-based DJ, playing at smaller parties in New York and Detroit.

This is clearly a vinyl mix – there’s a brusqueness to the mixing and occasional timing issues that give it a raw feel – though some of these tracks are old enough to be produced without taking into account a DJ’s desires for some introductory bars.

There’s a lot of music here that feels recognisable but where a quick Shazam confounds my expectations, but then there is also MK’s Burning – a well-known track of this era, if ever there was one.

It can pretty much be summarised as jolly good 90’s US house music (broadly speaking) and is 90 minutes of good music – if brusque mixing.

Enjoying rating of 6.69.

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